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The Juanillo beach is highly regarded as one of the best beaches in Punta Cana for a number of reasons.

Crystal clear turquoise blue water, sparsely populated, white sands, one amazing Café, lots of chairs

under the beautiful coconut trees that line up the beach. Excursions in Punta Cana provide a massive

opportunity for fun seekers everywhere around the world to experience all the feelings and sensations

that come with being a millionaire for one day. Nothing beats nature, but when nature is perfectly

blended with opulence, the result is better experienced than imagined.

Making your dream a reality could be easier than imagined. Over the years, excursions in Dominican

Republic have proved that having a satisfying and luxurious holiday does not have to cost a fortune, a

visit to the Juanillo beach is a good example. It is a total VIP experience where you have elegant courses,

exquisite drinks and cocktail and travelling on a double-decker catamaran. Your tour in Punta Cana is

incomplete without living your dream at Juanillo beach.

This paradisiac beach is located at Cap Cana, along Dominican Republic’s South east coast, the journey

on the catamaran is an avenue to behold the heavenly sight of Cap Cana while you get your body tanned

in the mild and friendly sun. A Punta Cana excursion becomes more fun and adventurous when a trip to

the Juanillo beach is added to it. Another benefit that comes with this trip is that at the end of the day,

you get the chance to swim in the refreshing and cooling natural blue pool of the Hoyo Azul. And that is

after having a majestic lunch that befits kings and royals.

If you have been looking for places to visit in Punta Cana, be happy to know that the Juanillo beach and

the exclusive package that comes with it is the perfect holiday destination. It is the ideal place to keep

your body and mind refreshed with family and friends after a busy work/study season. Punta Cana tours

will definitely make you see the greatest Caribbean beauty that eyes have beheld, both the natural ones

like beaches and the rainforest, and man-made artistries like exotic buildings, water sports and the

latest vehicles cruising on the modern roads. The exclusive VIP treatment will make you forget all your

worries as you embrace the sheer elegance of this beach, the only decision you will be taking while lying

on the beach and gazing at the sky is what cocktail to sip next.

  • Bring sunscreen.
    Wear sandals.
    Bring towels.
    Bring or wear a bathing suit.
    Take a camera.

After clicking on "Book now" for this tour you can choose between 2 available price options which are Solo and Shared.

  • A catamaran ride deep into the Marina of Cap Cana, pure fun and an unforgettable lunch at El Farallon, a majestic vantage point. To end in the best way, visit the "Blue Hole", a natural oasis, a freshwater well, crystal, where everyone can swim and that nobody would forget in life.

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