Smart traveling
Traveling is one of the best thing that you can do to refresh your life. Either travel alone or with family it is going to an experience of its own. Whenever travel, travel smartly. Stay aware of the surroundings and know what can help you cut off the spending on your trip. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to make your traveling more fun and lighter on your pocket.
Buy tickets on Sundays
Never buy tickets very close to holidays. Near the holidays the prices go up and are also difficult to book on the time you want. Try to buy tickets on Sundays as you can avail discounts and are often less expensive. But if you can only buy tickets on week days, then go for Tuesdays.
Clear history, cookies and cache
Many airlines and track how many times you’ve visited their website and change their prices accordingly. To make sure you’re getting the best prices when you book your holiday air travel online, be sure to clear your internet browser’s history, cache, and cookies to make it seem as if it’s your first time visiting the site!
Flu shots
Airports during the holidays are an easy way to catch the flu if you’re not prepared. Make sure to get a flu shot two weeks before you start traveling to avoid spreading holiday viruses to your loved ones. By this you can also stay safe from the viral flu and enjoy the holidays without a stuffed nose.
Airport TV as chargers
Of course everyone will be desperately looking for charging stations. Fortunately, TVs have USB ports in the back of them, and you just sneakily plug your phone into them. With a fully charged phone, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your loved ones during your travels.
Don’t dismiss what’s on your doorstep
We all want to travel to faraway lands and exotic destinations but don’t dismiss what’s in your backyard. Once you start researching you’ll probably find there are hundreds of amazing options close to home. You’ll save money on transport, save time, you’ll have just as much fun and it’s easier to book spontaneous trips when you’re not going far.
Keep a record
Whether it’s a thick journal, hundreds of photos, a quick line in a note pad or an Instagram feed filled with pictures and captions, keep a record of your travels. When you’re doing amazing things you think you’re going to remember it for a lifetime but it’s amazing how quickly you forget. You’ll thank yourself in 10 years’ time.